Conversational AI Platform


Who We Are

We are a service company, focused on chatbot development, based on our own Conversational AI Platform.


Why Choose Our Solution?

  • It's intelligent and learns on conversations.
  • In result you get a product we embed into your website and you start using it. All custom integrations available upon request.
  • Conversational AI platform - your current staff may teach bot and see its activities.

Where Can You Use It?

Real Estate

Bot helps you instantly collect property requirements, show available objects and schedule a meeting with the potential customer.

Insurance leads

Customers instantly access their policy details, report a claim, choose optimal coverage, renew policy, make policy adjustments, pay for invoices via the bot.

Financial services

Users check recent transactions, state of their budget, manage notifications, choose saving plan or personalized financial product. Chatbot may offer upsell in some cases — like getting a loan if balance is low.


Helps you showcase products, provide targeted offers, allow customers order your goods and pay right in the bot, collect details of the order like color and size. Upsell of complementary items might be proactively offered here.


Schedule appointments and consultations, provide answers to frequently asked questions, send care guidelines to the patients, send alerts and notifications for prescription refills.

Beauty and fashion

Book makeover appointments in stores, give product recommendations and beauty tutorials. Bot may look for the most suitable time within calendar of the customer and makeup artist too.


How Can It Help You?

  • Responding to FAQ
  • Lead qualification
  • Digital customer assistance
  • Information collection
  • Instant client engagement
  • Training and talent development
  • Intelligent escalation of support tickets without human interaction
  • Personalization of conversation using 3rd party systems integration (like ticketing platforms or CRM)

What Will You Get?

  • Quick start
  • Human-like interaction
  • Interact with prospect customers 24/7
  • Automates routine operations
  • Saves time of support staff
  • Helps getting things done right within a chat
  • Sends proactive alerts
  • Saves time of the sales team
  • Integrates with back-office systems like CRM or ERP
  • If chatbot needs to provide recommendations with high level of responsibility, they might be provided only after human approval

What About Support Terms?

With each developed Chatbot, the following is passed in its DNA:

  • Self-evolving NLP and learning
  • Bot training
  • Personalization to achieve context awareness
  • Communicating via dialogue systems
  • Integration options with third party APIs

Based on your business goals we can customize it to help you get a high quality project and guarantee ROI.